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Our First suggestion is to view news at Apparel Search in the Fashion News section.  If you can not find enough in that area to satisfy your needs, you are welcome to explore the various resources presented below.

Fashion News at Google - Fashion Week  Fashion Designers  Fashion Industry  Clothing Stores Wholesale Clothing  Fashion Television Apparel Clothing Shopping  Clothing Retailers  Fashion Events Fashion Trade Shows  Celebrity Fashion  Fashion Trends  Fashion Forecasting

Fashion News at Yahoo! - Fashion Show Fashion Model Fall Fashion Fashion Trends Winter Fashion Fashion Week Fashion Wedding Gowns Fashion News Fashion Collection Latest Fashion Celebrity Fashion 

Fashion News at Live Search - Fashion Weeks Fashion Designers  Fashion Industry  Fashion Events Fashion Modeling

Fashion News at AOL

Fashion & Style at New York Times

Read quick or the fashion you are reading about may be out style before you finish the article... Fashion moves fast.  Keep up with the latest fashion news.  The following links may help you find news about fashion.  These links will help you find fashion news about women's wear as sell as men's wear.

Apparel Magazines

Apparel News

Fashion Newspaper

Women's Wear Daily

You can find additional Online Fashion News resources at Apparel Search. 

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